Other Basix SEG Companies

Bhartiya Samruddhi Investments and Consulting Services Limited (BASICS Ltd.)

Is the holding company of Basix Social Enterprise Group (SEG).


Vayam Renewable Ltd

Provides energy entrepreneurship in a sustainable manner. All our models on the field involve recognising rural entrepreneurs who will enable the development of a self-reliant community-driven model that will be cost-effective for rural society.


BASIX Municipal Waste Ventures Ltd. (BMWV)

Undertake integrated solid waste management including primary doorstep collection, sorting, recycling, and composting with various Urban Local Bodies and Resident Welfare Associations.


Basix Krishi Samruddhi Ltd (BKSL)

Exists to deliver the value propositions including a) accessibility and convenience in providing quality inputs at reasonable price and b) low cost of cultivation, high production, and affordable price for produce thus higher net income for small farmers.


Connect India provides

A level playing field in logistics by creating a pan India last mile delivery network through leveraging the combined potential of the existing retailer network and a robust mobile first technology.


B-Able exists

To build an Inclusive India by providing locally and globally relevant skills and attitudes to 1 million learners for their lifelong employability.


Sub-K means "for everyone"

In Hindi language and below "one thousand" in English , indicating touch points within 1,000 meters distance, offering transactions of less than 1,000 rupees , providing access to less than 1,000 households at a cost of 1,000 paisa. Sub-K provides technology enabled transactional platform to the unbanked population.

Bhartiya Samruddhi Finance Ltd

Is registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) and incorporated as a Company under the Companies Act, 1956, through which credit and technical assistance is delivered. This is the flagship company of the BASIX group.

BASIX Consulting and Technology Services Ltd.

Brings together the conceptual and analytical capability and implementation experience in various companies of the BASIX Group for undertaking sectoral and policy research, feasibility studies and other consultancy services, with a focus on contributing to the knowledge and practice of livelihood promotion.



Stands for complete transformation of value to its clients, through in-depth study and careful analysis, into products and services designed to meet the growing requirements of its discerning clients. The company is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to the problems faced by them. The core competence of CTRAN lies in its unimpeachable credibility, unmatched analytical rigour and perceptible value addition.


Institute of Livelihood Research and Training (earlier The Livelihood School)

Is an academic institution promoted by BASIX group, a livelihood promotion institution. The mandate of the Institute of Livelihood Research and Training is to build up a scientific Knowledge Base on livelihoods and disseminate the same to livelihood practitioners for enhancing their understanding and implementation capabilities, who in turn will promote large number of livelihoods.