Indian Grameen Services (IGS) achieves its mission of, 'incubating innovations for pro-poor sustainable livelihoods', based on 'Contingency approach to livelihood promotion'. The model seeks to identify the bottleneck - resource or factor most deficient in a system at any point of time, and develop solutions to resolve that bottleneck by developing innovative products for the underserved using mainstream commercial paradigms. Since it is difficult for any one organization to build competencies to address all factors in-house, a collaborative approach (represented as a 'Collaborative Polygon') of forging partnerships with players having domain expertise is integral to the approach. IGS builds institutions to host the successful innovations.

During 2005, IGS received Livelihood Triad Fund from Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation, for developing standardized models and good practices around offering integrated livelihood promotion services which had the potential to bring about multifold growth in geographic and sectoral coverage.

Some of the innovations which the Livelihood Triad Fund incubated are:

  • Top 12 innovative ideas incubated through Livelihood Triad Fund (LTF)
  • What it morphed into over the years
  • Single Terminal Enabling Multiple Services (STEMS)
  • Transformed into Common Service Centres (CSCs) and BASIX Sub-K iTransactions Ltd.
  • Livelihood Resource Centers (LRCs)
  • Still evolving. Yet, several CSC locations are becoming mini-LRCs
  • Livestock Development Centers
    System of Rice Intensification
    Integrated Crop Management
  • These three got integrated into Basix Krishi Samruddi Ltd's Agricultural and Livestock Development Services
  • Krishna Bhima Samruddhi Local Area Bank's (KBSLAB) Savings Promotion.
  • Integrated into Sub-K and IGS' Business Correspondence (BC) Model.
  • Rural Employment Exchange (REX)
  • Transformed into BASIX Academy for Building Lifelong Employability (B-ABLE).
  • Rural Business Process Outsourcing
  • Morphed into CSC based Aadhaar enrolment, and other G2C services
  • Credit Cooperatives Reform Program
  • Evolved into a programme for promoting & strengthening Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO).
  • Technology Assisted Financial Inclusion
  • Was merged into Sub-K
  • Sustainable Rag-pickers Institution
  • Became BASIX Municipal Waste Ventures Ltd.
  • Solar devices
  • Morphed into Vayam Renewable Ltd.