IGS aims to develop new concepts of livelihood promotion using the contingency approach, wherein it first identifies the bottlenecks in achievement of sustainable livelihoods; thereafter it designs market-based solutions that address those challenges and constraints. The solutions that we developare often converted into tools and techniques as well as products and services, which are subsequently incubated as ready-to-integrate development models for use by other organizations engaged in livelihood promotion or as independent institutions at together.As a BASIX-SEG Company, we work on all vertices of the Livelihood Triad - Institution Development Services, Agriculture, Livestock and Enterprise Development Services, and Financial Inclusion Services, and strive to develop self-sustainable models and livelihood institutions by delivering one or all of the Livelihood Triad services, to the rural poor households, using market-based approaches.

Since inception, IGS has evolved several viable, scalable, replicable, and pro-poor livelihood promotion models, products and services. Many of these innovations have been scaled up by other SEG companies or hived off as new entities.

Contingency Approach to Livelihood Promotion

Enhance Competencies, Increase Outreach, Reduce Transaction Costs and Reduce Risk